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    I was interviewed on Fox Radio on the Orange County Chamber of Commerce Chamber Chat show talking about MSB Travel

  • Sandals Regency La Toc Honeymoon

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    Dinner on the beach! #‎adiosSotos#‎weTrumpedTrump thanks to the best travel agent! Carolyn Reidy!!!

  • Travel Agent Myths

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    Myth: Travel agents are expensive.

    Truth: Travels agents offer tremendous value to travelers, because they have insider access to deals, group space and upgraded amenities, can customize a cruise experience, and will be your advocate if any issues arise. Travel agents have a large buying power since they are searching and purchasing travel year round, and have strong relationships with each travel brand, which is a benefit to travelers.  What’s great about travel agents is that consumers don’t pay them – the cruise line or tour provider does – so it doesn’t cost any extra money for travelers. In fact; it can be less expensive to use a travel agent.

    Myth: I have the Internet, so I don’t need a travel agent.

    Truth: The Internet is a great tool for online searching and researching a destination or cruise line. However, a trusted travel agent will be able offer you much more personalized service than online retailers. Travel experts can help break through the overwhelming clutter of so many options, offer tried-and-true recommendations based on their personal travel experience and help narrow down choices to create a customized vacation experience based on your desires.

    Myth: A travel agent will cut me out of the research and planning process.

    Truth: Working with a travel agent allows you to be as involved as you would like to be in the travel planning process. Vacations are investments – just like you would want to hire a professional to manage a cash investment, you should consider using a professional travel agent to help with your vacation investment. Find a travel agent that has a robust website with information about destinations, or offers ports-of-call details and local weather reports, it’s all about the information they give you to make you an even more educated, savvy traveler. Travel professionals help put the fun back into planning your vacation by relieving any stress.

    Myth: Travel agents only recommend products that will earn them the highest commission.

    Truth: MSB travel agents work with every type of travel vendor – from cruise ships to hotels to tour operators – and will work with you to see if you have any recommendations. While some travel agents might have a favorite cruise line or destination, it’s most likely their recommendation is based off of personal experience. Many travel agents take familiarization trips, so they are knowledgeable about the products they are offering and can give you insider tips to make your vacation even more special. A good travel agent will be associated with a reputable brand, have personal travel experience and have taken travel training courses and earned accreditations. If you want to go on a specific cruise line, just ask.

    Myth: I won’t be able to find a travel agent specialized enough to help me with my trip.

    Truth: Travel agents specialize in every type of travel imaginable. A good resource is to have a travel agent who knows your market and who understand your travel needs. It’s important for you and your travel agent to “click,” since you will hopefully be a satisfied return customer in the future.

    Myth: I can book a vacation myself and save time.

    Truth: In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is pressed for time. Why spend four weeks planning a four-day vacation, when a travel agent has the resources, knowledge and sometimes personal experience to help you plan your vacation? Using a travel agent can save both time and money, so give a local travel agent a call now and start planning your next dream vacation.